Female Sexual Empowerment Workshop, 24/11/2018, Dundalk

“Really interesting – scientific information plus sources. Very helpful. Body image – great information. The environment you created Tina for the workshop was very supportive and inclusive. Thank you for a great day.”  

“I really enjoyed the safeness and comfortability that Tina created. There is a lot of information, but I found the part about the brake and the accelerator very enlightening.” 

“Loved the whole area of accelerator and brake, and the difference between sexual relevance and sexual appeal. These are really great categories to help break down what’s going on inside. Also loved the little bit of biology – useful reminders.” 

Drawing on the latest scientific research this discussion-based workshop will explore the interaction between a woman’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self in the context of sexuality. The workshop is intended for women exclusively, in order to provide a safe space for a discussion and exploration of topics relevant for women’s sexual well-being. It will inform women about the latest findings in the field of female sexuality and provide them with a range of fantastic resources (and ideas!) that could help them increase their sexual satisfaction. The goal is to empower women to strengthen their self-care and bodily awareness, develop and maintain a loving relationship with themselves, and therefore build balanced and joyful romantic relationships. The workshop will provide an open, safe and supportive environment to explore the following issues relevant for women’s sexual happiness:

  • Female genital landscape (Am I normal? Yes.)
  • Arousal (Why don’t I get turned on when I want to? Why do I get turned on by things that don’t even appeal to me?)
  • Desire (What if I sometimes experience low sexual desire for my partner? What could we do about it?)
  • Self-pleasure (What is it that I do? What else could I do?)
  • Orgasm (What makes me come? What else could make me come?)
  • Body image (What if I sometimes struggle with the way I perceive my body? How could I develop a loving relationship with my body?)

The workshop takes place on the 24th November 2018 from 11 pm to 3pm at the Outcomers, 8 Roden Place, Dundalk. If you wish to find out more please email me at tina.bedenik@yahoo.com. You can book your place at youth@outcomers.org or phone 042 93 29816. Thank you!