Bi-Aura Therapy is a form of energy healing and a subset of complementary medicine. The underlying principle of energy healing that there is an ongoing interplay between the human body and the electromagnetic field that envelops the body. Early research into the energy field suggested that energy itself precedes the physical matter. This means that changes in a person’s energy field are about to translate onto the body, and long-term disturbances in the energy field will manifest as ailments. In that context, a safe and sustainable way to improve a person’s well-being is to work directly with their energy. In the Bi-Aura Therapy the focus is on the seven energy centres called chakras that are located in the human body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra corresponds to a major endocrine gland and it is associated with a specific developmental stage, objective, identity, right and importantly physical, mental and emotional issues. The chakra system therefore provides a multi-layered yet neat pathway to understanding the complex workings of the human body, mind and soul. In my practice I locate the imbalances in specific chakras, ascertain the nature of these imbalances and remove them using a series of techniques.

There is fairly little physical contact in the therapy, though clients report back a range of physical sensations experienced during a session. Insomuch this therapy illuminates an ongoing interplay between a person’s thoughts, feelings and the body. It provides an opportunity to explore how body posture, gestures, movement and other aspects of non-verbal communication speak about the client’s inner world. The therapy therefore creates an environment in which a client can increase awareness about the inner states of their body, befriend that which happening on the inside, and improve self-care and the overall well-being. Energy movement is central to this therapy, but counselling is a vital piece of the puzzle. I endeavour to provide a safe and supportive space to explore any issues relevant for the client’s well-being and related to the therapy itself. I explore with my clients why the imbalances may have occurred and how they can an actively partake in their own healing. Having said that, the lovely thing about this therapy is that it also provides a chance to bypass the talk – for those less eager to converse – and work directly with the body as a pathway to the mind and spirit. Either way, I aspire to tailor the therapy to the needs of a client and support them with compassion in the way that they find most beneficial.

The therapy takes place at Marino Counselling Centre at 21 Fairview, Dublin 3. The cost per session is €65. The cost for four sessions is €240 or €60 per session. Concessions available. Please note that 24hrs cancellation policy applies.